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Data Analyst - Caracas, Distrito Capital -

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The work consists of using two products
1. Ecologic Smart 12
2. Online Scheduling Software
We have about 500 workers that are either active on site or are inactive. On all of our workers (active or potential) teach employee has construction specific training. The training has certifications and renewal dates. The majority of our workforce is Spanish Speaking.
The role is to ensure the database program which you would access thru the internet thru Amazon Web Services is up to date for all workers. Then within the scheduling program to do the same and ensure all training credentials are logged into what they are current on.
Training schedules will come in from our training providers and you will corrdinate with our schedulers and support staff to ensure that the staff is booked into the classes. When they complete a training, you will ensure that you get the certificates and get them logged in.
When a project manager needs data for the the personnel that are assigned to the jobs; you will ensure that their job records are up to date. As people add new credentials or as people expire you will change in the scheduling program if they do not have the proper credentials.
Must have reliable internet with not less than 20 mbs in speed.
Must have computer with monitor or laptop with additional monitor.
Must have printer **
Must speak Spanish and English
Ability to make free calls in the US (we can provide Vonage Device or similar)
**All printing costs would be reimbursed
USD $3.00 per hr - 40 hrs per week guaranteed.
Job Type: Full-time
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